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Project is currently in development. There may be bugs, difficulty spikes, or just plain weirdness. Any and all feedback and bug reports are appreciated!

Control a collection of snakes, in an age old quest to devour ever respawning pellets.

As your snake grows, it will split into multiple smaller snakes. To help you juggle them, snakes can have their paths planned out in advance.

Complete objectives, watch as the game field shifts, with the very stage rearranging itself into increasingly treacherous patterns. Shoot for the best score possible!

Code, design, and art by Ben Wells (Twitter, Itch)

Music by qwercus (SoundcloudTwitter)

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Published 160 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
AuthorJelly Machete

Install instructions

The game should work out of the box for Android, PC, and Mac users.

The game is primarily a mobile game, although no iOS build is working as of yet. Windows and Mac builds are available for the sake of the alpha, although as they are not the target platform, the game does run best on Android.


SNEXAGON (v0.1).apk 27 MB
SNEXAGON (0.1).app.zip 21 MB
SNEXAGON (v0.1).zip 17 MB

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